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Hovsep Grigoryan: one of the greatest and most influential duduk masters Has passed away...

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Jivan Gasparyan and Master Hovsep Grigoryan

" Each duduk has it's own world and  it's own life, and in the hands of a performer
it will add a new dimension a new life  to your  music "
Master: Hovsep  Grigoryan ( OMO )


Master - Hovsep  - OMO- Has been making  duduks for over 54 years, duduks made by this master have  unique sound and shape,
Master Hovsep was 86 years old and has devoted most of his life  perfecting this amazing instruments.
Figuring is same us the standard Armenian duduk fingering charts.
The unique sound of  his  duduk has been sought after by many.

from right - Hovsep Grigoryan - Jivan Gasparyan - Arthur Grigoryan ( GHA )

It's not a coincidence  that when move on Armenian duduk was being made by French move makers ,  Jivan Gasparyan
 has personally recommended Master Hovsep to be filmed  in the move.

Duduks By -OMO-
Duduk Wood:
Made of quality apricot wood only found in the highland and mountain regions of Armenia.
The aging circles of the tree must be close together and is determined by the frequency of watering.
For professional duduks the trees mid-trunk region is the only part used out of a 25" x 20" log and only produces 1 or 2 duduks. Whereas, Souvenir type from the same log will be used to make up to 25-30 duduks. Duduks are made from almost every kind of wood, but our 2500+ years of experience in handcrafting these instruments has proven the Armenian Apricot is the best wood.

The Professional Duduk's are handcrafted and aged:
Aged for 3 years before the initial preparation
Aged for another 2 years in a moisture controlled environment *1.
Only then will a master make the instrument, tune it and treat the wood with natural oils and salt. For another year the instrument is checked for deformity and tune consistency. The instrument production process is quite extensive and takes up to 6 years.

Duduks made by master Joseph are aged  for  5  years

ClarDuk By OMO
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To Place order please stop by at our  new Store at http://www.duduk.com


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